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How Mark Zuckerberg And The Silicon Valley Assholes Destroyed The Virtual Reality Industry Does Google Have a Liberal Bias? LEAKED FACEBOOK FILES REVEAL FACEBOOK IS AN OUT-OF-CONTROL SOCIOPATHIC COMPANY GOOGLE LITIGATION DRAFT NOTES 2017 D Google’s Hatred of Women and Blacks Leads To Cover-up By Google! ELON MUSK SHOWN TO BE A FRAUD IN ALL… Continue reading HOT NEWS BREAKERS #2886

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FBI/DOJ Call Apple Liars and Hypsters; accuse Apple of ‘Corrosive’ manipulation of media to save dying company

Apple: DOJ ‘desperate,’ brief reads like indictment Jacob Pramuk | @jacobpramuk   The Justice Department on Thursday filed its latest response to Apple in the fight over iPhone encryption, calling the tech giant’s rhetoric in the San Bernardino, California, case “false” and “corrosive” of institutions that safeguard rights. The debate surrounds whether Apple should comply… Continue reading FBI/DOJ Call Apple Liars and Hypsters; accuse Apple of ‘Corrosive’ manipulation of media to save dying company

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The Joe Lonsdale Silicon Valley VC Rape Case

The Sickening Rape Allegations Against a Silicon Valley Mogul By Jessica Roy Share Tweet Share Email Comment Print Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images Last week, 24-year-old Elise Clougherty, a Stanford neuro-engineering graduate and former Ford print model, filed a lawsuit against Joseph Lonsdale, a powerful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who, along with Peter Thiel, co-founded the secretive… Continue reading The Joe Lonsdale Silicon Valley VC Rape Case

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Do Girls with tattoos have more indiscriminate sex?

(OPINION) By Saly Slave Girls with tattoos are pretty dumb. If you are a girl with a tattoo you are broadcasting two VERY SPECIFIC THINGS to the world: #1. I am dumb #2. I am more likely to have sex with you without thinking about it. Girls with tattoos get tattoos because their idiot girlfriends… Continue reading Do Girls with tattoos have more indiscriminate sex?

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The Madness of Web Dating

So you let your parents dump you on a yuppie scumbag who followed all the rules (listed here) after you followed all of the rules (listed here) and now you are baffled about what the deal is. This has happened so many thousands of times that Mill Valley has caused a center to be built… Continue reading The Madness of Web Dating

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How sexual attraction actually works and how you can use it!

The Science of Sex Appeal, one of the most important series you will ever watch if you are dating: