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Who are the Silicon Valley campaign financier shills?

Who are the Silicon Valley campaign financier shills?




By Emily Posner



There are a group of website/news-like sites that have their search results rigged with their financial partner: Google, in order to synchronize news stories that the hundreds of Google employees (placed inside the U.S. Government) then promote as gospel. There is one big problem: It is a Ponzie Scheme.



The News sites are financed by Google’s investors, the hundreds of Google employees inside the government are funded by Google stock and perks, and Google is, obviously, funded by Google. What you have here is called, in the “common language”, a Wall Street Circle-Jerk.



These rigged news sites have a deal with Google. Google lines all of their results up on the first 3 pages of search results on Google searches, one after the other, with no outside views allowed in. For example: In Russia or France, use a non-Google search engine and type in: “60 Minutes The Cleantech Crash”. You get a balanced set of results as long as the search does not go through Google. Now change the IP address on your browser to spoof the browser to make it look like you are in the U.S. and then go to and type in “60 Minutes The Cleantech Crash”. You usually only getone link to the actual 60 Minutes story on CBS and all of the next three pages of links are only from the Google financed shill sites. Why? Because that news story caught Google’s investors running crimes and bilking the American public. There are thousands of such examples of Google manipulating information in order to censor the news.



You can’t believe anything these sites say, they exist simply to sell you brainwashing hype to try to steer you away from realizing that the people who pay them are crooks. There are just a handful of people behind these sites and they all get paid by the same couple of billionaires. They synchronize the content of their stories in order to try to trick the “Sheeple” and less intelligent members of society into thinking that a fake story, that they are hyping, is true:








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