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Google’s Karma Is Coming Back in a Big Bad Way!

Google Has Been A Very Naughty Boy

By Andrew Crocker

The ad says:

“Seeking Law Firm To Help With Public Interest Litigation Filing Against Google.

For More Details About The Opportunity and Potential, See:”

A San Francisco group has had enough of Google’s shenanigans and is taking matters into their own hands. Through a relatively little known process called “in pro per”, regular individuals with no legal experience can go head-to-head with some of the biggest naughty corporations in the world. Suing Google!!? Sound like impossible odds?

In fact, a number of individuals have sued Google, for Google’s abusive practices, and won.

The draft complaint against Google, Inc., their alter-ego Alphabet, and their associates, says that it is for: “…INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE WITH CONTRACTUAL RELATIONS; INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE WITH PROSPECTIVE ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE; CYBERSTALKING;


What this means in common language is that Google went out of it’s way to jack up their competitors contracts, bribed public officials to re-route deals, used the Google-net to destroy brands and reputations intentionally, and asked to look at these folks technologies and then just copied and thieved those technologies.

If it was a dry cleaner stealing another dry cleaners sign we might be talking about a few thousand dollars but in the case of Google, Google made many billions of dollars off of their attacks on the people filing the lawsuit (in legal blab, the people who file the lawsuit are called the “Plaintiffs”) so this is a fight worth fighting.

Does Google steal technology? The New York Times thinks so in it’s article called: How Larry Page’s Obsessions Became Google’s Business

Does Google rig state and federal government funding? You bet it does. Read the details in the article in THE INTERCEPT: The Android Administration

It seems that Google’s investors rigged that whole Cleantech thing back in 2007. ( ) in order to exclusively put the government cash in Google’s frat boy’s pockets. With the failure of Solyndra, Ivanpah and all the rest, that scheme was only able to deliver few hundred billion to Google’s boys. They had planned on Hoover-ing up nearly a trillion dollars of taxpayer cash.

The Plaintiffs in this case have not yet signed up a “lead law firm” to take the case all the way through to the jury trail. They have many helper services but they are now accepting proposals for a big legal group to run the rest of the case in exchange for a percentage of the $1 billion dollar, or higher, potential reward. Readers can follow along on the litigation website at:



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