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When Google Attacks

Backlash over Google rigging the internet for political attacks widens!

Google has now been caught in over a decade of internet search and mood manipulation rigging in their manic devotion to election and public policy rigging.


By Sam Wenkert

Since the beginning of Trump’s presidential run, it has been extremely difficult to find pro Donald Trump news and updates. Even though there are established websites that favor Trump, their favorable articles never seem to work their way up into the top of Google search results.

Why is this?

Since beginning REGATED by introducing a Republican unity article, our own analysis team has incessantly struggled to find supportive Donald Trump news on our Google searches — so we decided to look into it; we had to make sure we weren’t crazy before throwing some interesting news into the mix. We employed our own, Victor Smith, to do some research on the matter. He compiled the results into a video, and the outcome was actually pretty surprising. Take a look:

What does this prove? That most of the represented Donald Trump articles found on Google paint him in a negative light, while most of the Hillary Clinton articles that were shown, approvingly support her.

Now, you might be thinking that this is a huge conspiracy theory. But here’s some evidence that will make you rethink that: Over the past seven years, Google has supposedly been intertwined with and created an unprecedented partnership with Obama’s White House — providing expertise, services, advice, and personnel for vital government projects. Yes, that’s correct. It seems Google is supposedly an integral part of Obama’s administration. Just how integral, though?



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