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UBER WARS: Obama Bag Man David Plouffe VS. The World Taxi Association

UBER WARS: Obama Bag Man David Plouffe VS. The World Taxi Association

–    Taxi groups say that David Plouffe is a front for the famous “Silicon Valley Cartel”

–    They say Plouffe is part of the Cartel’s plan to create self-driving cars and internet monitored cars so that users locations, activities, identity data, dating activities and marketing opportunities can be spied on using the Silicon Valley. They call him “the master of mobile domestic spying” .

–    Plouffe famous for getting Obama campaign funded via Silicon Valley quid-pro-quo deals

–    Why would a top White House official want to work on “dirty taxi cabs” unless he was up to something political, say Taxi groups.

–    Plouffe said to have arranged the Cleantech kickback deals between Silicon Valley and Obama campaign finances in exchange for hundreds of billions of dollars of Dept. of Energy kick-backs via Steven Chu, who was under orders from Plouffe, Emanual and Axelrod in the White House. Taxi associations cry: “Corruption!”